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A-OK! The Wings of Mercury

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury is a realistic simulation of the Mercury spacecraft. More than a mere game, A-OK! The Wings of Mercury is so realistic, you will use the actual checklists used by the astronauts. A-OK! WoM simulates Orbital and Sub-Orbital missions and features:

  • a detailed, fully-operational cockpit,
  • realistic sound effects and capsule communicator voice communications,
  • the ability to set up system failures,
  • a detailed multi-page evaluation report at the end of each mission,
  • networked simulations using the Mission Control Center simulator that simulates various flight controller stations in Mercury Mission Control during a mission,
  • a detailed manual outlining product use. and the Project Mercury missions and spacecraft.

Update 3.9.2 now works on latest versions of OS-X and Windows 7!

Check out the detailed feature list!

Download A-OK! The Wings of Mercury and try either the Windows or Mac OS X demo version for free! The demo limits you to sub-orbital missions and does not permit networked simulations.

Buy A-OK! The Wings of Mercury, when you are ready for the full version, and we will send you a registration code that converts the demo to a full version, allowing you to fly orbital missions and networked simulatons. You will receive your code within 24 hours.

System Requirements - What hardware and software you need to run A-OK! The Wings of Mercury.

Request Site License Information to install A-OK! The Wings of Mercury on all your school's computers.

Vehicle & launch facility 3D Geometry / Textures byJeff Quan

We appreciate the continued support of our many customers and future Mercury astronauts!

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury is built using OpenGL